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My signature artwork

Well, what a surprise!

Here, straight on the warning page is my featured artwork(or the one I did most recently, like 2 years ago), to welcome all who stumble upon my website.

It is to lift your spirits and bring joy to your hearts(not really, but eh who cares).

I will update it periodically(i.e. every 10 years).

Warning Page: The Aviary: Center of Bird Studies, Experimentations, and Enjoyment

Somehow, probably by accident or honestly just bad typing skills, you've landed on the Warning Page of The Aviary: Center of Bird Studies, Experimentations, and Enjoyment.

Things just get better and better...

However, that's ok with me. Humans always make misteaks. And your mistake happened to land on one of the finest websites in the realm.

Now don't turn around and leave! There is tons of things for you to discover! Since you happen to arrive here, why not give it a good look?



Please note that The Aviary: Center of Bird Studies, Experimentations, and Enjoyment is a fictional business.

Presently, if you currently believe that an actual PHD who totally isn't a college undergraduate, who doesn't have enough money to spend on a specific domain name for his website(or more like mom won't let me), who actually owns an aviary, made this website, you must then please IMMEDIATELY seek professional counselling and therapy, but not before reading thru the entire website! :)


Ok fine. The only reason that I won't get my specific domain is because its plain useless. You see, the problem is that you cannot permanently own your domain. If I were to buy the domain, I'm not technically buying it, but more like renting it for the year. So thus I can't "waste" my money on it. My sincerest apologies.

Small side note: this website constitutes probably the only time you will be comprehending such fictitious behavior. Once you leave this page you're on your own, buddy *ahem*.

The adds from WIX...

Yep! We know about those annoying pesky adds that bother you so much, especially the one at the top of the page. You see, has to make the big bucks somehow so that's why they are there. We are extremely sorry for you inconvenience, but the adds are not related to us in any way, not do we make any money off of them. So all we can do for you is to minimize them. Sorry in advance again.

Let's move on!

The center of Bird Studies, Experimentations, and Enjoyment welcomes you to our sites! Click on the following link to arrive at out welcome page! After reading thru all of our stuff, make sure to tell your friends if you like it. Well, if you don't, tough luck for you -- you still need to share it, but preferably, with your enemies ;P. And right, thanks for visiting *cough* *cough* *COUGH* yeah totally.


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